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How MUDDY was born and how it will change the idea of hygiene in the locker room


Any invention springs from a desire.

Muddy was born from the dream to create something simple but new. Something able to practically solve a small but extremely annoying problem, that Andrea, a soccer lover, who was brought up among industrial mechanical moulds and now a professional 3D developer, encountered every single time he finished his soccer training, finding himself cleaning the bottom of his sport bag at home, not to mention how his expensive soccer shoes were mistreated.

Andrea found in Fabrizio (who loves travels and water sports, unable to kick a ball but an expert in communication) the most valuable help to make that dream come true, to “dress” his idea with a name and an identity, so that Muddy could be as much handsome as useful, solid and well made.

After the first prototypes that included only the shoe box, the design has grown adding a lid and a foot mat integrated, that Andrea wanted to supply with a certified treatment that could fight against mould and bacteria proliferation on its surface.

Once arrived to the final prototype, Andrea and Fabrizio founded a start-up, obtained two patents for their ideas, built a network of partners and suppliers to guarantee an efficient, ethical line of production, not only Made in Italy, but as Andrea loves to repeat, 100% Made in Veneto.

Today, Muddy, this innovative solution which protects shoes and makes the sportsman life easier, becomes real. And Andrea and Fabrizio wish that Muddy is only the first idea born from their synergy.


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