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Muddy is an innovative patented system that helps to maintain hygiene in team sports, especially football and rugby. It makes the cleaning of the shoe compartment of your bag very easy  and, at the same time, protects the hygiene of your feet: a practical and concrete help against viruses and bacteria.

Muddy fits easily into the bottom compartment of standard football or rugby bags, can hold a pair of shoes and is super easy to wash. Just take it out and rinse it under the tap, and now it’s clean, ready for the next match.

In the lid, you will find a practical built-in mat with an antibacterial certified surface. In the locker room just remove the lid and place it on the ground, so your feet do not touch the floor and, when you’re at home, you can easily remove and wash it under the tap. But Muddy’s mat is much more than this. In fact what makes it more convenient than the other mats in the market is its design, which allows transportation without being bulky in the bag and, probably the most important strength, the handle never touches the ground, so your hands remain clean when you touch it.

Even the mothers of the little players, tired of cleaning the dirty bags, will love the convenience and hygiene of Muddy! Just open the lid, rinse it under the tap and then comfortably take out the shoes to clean them, without having to deal with annoying plastic bags or, even worse, all the compartment and its content dirty.

Muddy, the solution for the hygiene of your feet and your sportbag.


One for each side, to keep Muddy stable inside the shoe compartment.


Practical divider to avoid contact between the two shoes and keep order inside Muddy.


Dimensions and height compatible with the bags of all brands.


Allows easy grip of the lid.


The lid has a comfortable handle, which never comes into contact with the floor.  Result: your hands always stay clean.


The mat can be removed to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing of the entire lid.

Did you understand that you can’t do without Muddy?



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